Preschool Integrated Arts

“Art” is understood as the spontaneous creative play that young children naturally do, they sing, dance, draw, and role-play. The arts engage all the senses and involve a variety of modalities including the kinesthetic, auditory, and visual. When caregivers engage and encourage children in arts activities on a regular basis from early in life, they are laying the foundation for successful learning.

Our preschool education model is based upon the principals of aesthetics, criticism, history and the creative process related to various art disciplines including performing arts, music, and visual arts. This learning is a foundation of understanding of what it means to live productively and meaningfully in the world. Through creative movement, rhythmic song, and artistic expression we seek to develop primary skills of decision making, problem solving, self evaluation and to facilitate healthy self esteem.

Objectives: students will
•gain a foundational knowledge of the integrated arts
•comprehend the basis of arts production and participation
•survey the vast history of the arts through creative play
•apply core concepts such as patterns, rhythms, movement, and design as related to the arts
•synthesize higher cognitive learning skills such as problem solving and decision making relative to real world experience.
•develop the ability to evaluate work through discussion and self reflection.

Pre-school Music contact: Kath Bloom for registration information –> click here
$60 for the six-week session for art or $15 per drop-in session, siblings half price (cash or check)

Pre-school Art contact: Cheryl Delles for registration information –>click here
$60 for the six-week session for art or $15 per drop-in session (cash or check)

Course Offerings
Pre-School Music with Kath Bloom
☆Tuesday 10:00-10:45☆
Every human being can learn to make music. If this language is introduced at an early age, it is never forgotten. We sit and sing, shake our shakers, pound drums, dance and immerse ourselves in the life force called MUSIC. Classes are open to children 0-5 years old with a caregiver, and last 45 minutes.

Pre School Art with Cheryl Delles
☆Thursdays 10:00-10:45☆ 
An early art experience for preschoolers with an emphasis on imaginative exploration and fun! Young artists explore basic skill concepts in color, line, shape and texture through creative, playful processes in two and three-dimensional forms. A smock is highly recommended. Caregiver accompaniment is required.
Outcomes: Students will 
•Develop gross and fine motor skills
•Have opportunities for self-expression in a creative, social setting with peers
•Explore the physical properties of various materials and media.
•Learn to represent ideas, actions and emotions through placement of shapes, color and select materials.
•Become familiar with art vocabulary.