Artwell has offered over 250 art exhibits since its inception, presenting five to six major and five minor on-site shows annually. Each major exhibit runs four to five weeks. Three are open to the public and three are member-only shows. Each minor exhibit runs an average of two weeks, giving members, students and community organizations an opportunity to feature their works to the general public.

Artwell on Main
The Inescapable Woman…And More
April 18-May 18
Opening April 18th, 6:00-8:00

Trapezium Gallery @ Morrison’s
63 Water Street, Torrington, CT ☄
Gay Schempp
April 18 through May 16
Opening and Encaustic Demonstration

April 18th, 6:00-8:00pm
Off Site Venues
ATRIUM GALLERY-WARNER THEATRE Join us for this unique exhibition :: February 15-May 31
Serigraphs from the Wellenkamp collection.
Artists: Watanabe, Lu Hong, Ting Shao Knang Zhou Ling 

Through the Cafe Window_SMALLERCurrent Exhibition
The Inescapable Woman…And More
April 18-May 18
Opening April 18th, 6:00-8:00


This work is a celebration of people and faces that move me and who I feel the desire to explore in color and form. Paintings of people and most definitely of women are an integral part of my psyche. I have always drawn people from early on and carried a sketchbook with me everywhere. It was my identity. The subways in Philadelphia where I grew up were great for sketching if one was quick. I started life drawing at sixteen and working as a portrait artist – as fascinated then by the play of light and color reflected on the subjects as today.This exhibition honors the uniqueness and strength that inhabits women of different backgrounds and ages. Capturing these qualities has been a powerful motivation in my drawings and paintings. I relish being able to take my time and fully explore each subject while attempting to capture the essence of that person. I choose subjects that interest me and with whom I feel a palpable connection; these women touch me personally.As my work is driven by a visceral connection to my subjects and a desire to evoke an emotional response in the viewer, my hope is that this exhibition will magnify the strength of the human spirit revealed in all of my subjects.