Saturday Education Double Header!

Saturday Education Double Header!

STEAM education @10:00
Join Joe LaRose for Nature’s Patterns and Geometries October 5–November 9 ∆ Saturday Mornings 10:00–12:00 ages 10 and up
Together we will discover the magic of nature’s patterns and geometries. In this six week course we will cover topics like PI, platonic solids, geodesic domes, and Nature’s universal mathematics that connects it all. Make sculptures based on these fundamental Principles.

Fine Art for beginners of all ages@ 1:00
Basic Drawing with Jacob Aronow
October 5–November 9 Δ Saturdays 1:00–3:00
Δ all ages
This course will focus on developing drawing skills from life, and understanding of the nature of light and dark in the visual world.

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